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As a part of your ongoing training with us here at The Network, Mr. Holmes has instructed me to educate you on a very important topic: Immersive Experiences – and how to identify one.
With the increasing number of Immersive Experiences available in London, it’s important for you to know how one works and what makes them so special. In this training session, we will highlight some key elements that make up an Immersive Experience, as well as highlighting some of London’s best options to try.
So get ready to begin your instruction on how to identify an Immersive Experience…
Good luck!


The popularity of Immersive Experience has grown over the last few years – but what exactly makes an experience immersive? 

An experience that immerses you in a performance.

The first thing you need to know AND remember is that Immersive Experiences will aim to take you out of your world and transport you to a new one, creating environments; storylines and characters that exist in their own universe and nowhere else. 

Throughout, you will exist within the universe created for you and only return to your own once the story has reached its end. This allows Immersive Experiences to develop deeper more intricate stories and characters as they become tangible entities.

Immersing you within a constructed environment allows you to believe fully the events happening as you are not merely sitting in a theatre within a whole universe created for you…

Uses multiple sensory media to create a story.

Immersive Experiences aren’t content with just using sets and props to engage you with their performance. Many will look to stimulate all five sense, not just sight and sound, but also touch, taste and smell, incorporating elements of VR, audio and even food and drinks. 

Using multiple elements allows Immersive Experiences to fully construct worlds and invite people to inhabit them, have agency within the storytelling and in some circumstances sway the outcome of the story, engaging you in a whole new way.

Welcoming you to a unique world filled with its own music, characters, stories and even a fictional national dish to try.

Changes you from a passive to an active participant.

Unlike traditional theatre, Immersive Experiences won’t be content to let you sit and observe. Rather they place you in an active role within the story, creating jeopardy and even at points having your actions directly change the outcome. 

An Immersive Experience wants to create a wholly unique and personal journey for you, so the story feels constructed just for you, that you have witnessed an experience unlike anyone else’s, despite being in the same audience.



Now it’s important to remember recruits, that Immersive Experiences come in all manner of shapes and size. From stepping into the shoes of the world’s greatest Detective, to battling against the oncoming Martian invasion of Earth or even attending a Victorian fine dining experience – these are all Immersive Experiences you can currently try in London. 

Sherlock:  The Official Live Game

Now of course, you should be well aware of our own Immersive Experiences, but in case you missed that stage of your training… 

We combine the very best of Immersive Experiences with our escape rooms and fully themed bar to create an entirely new adventure. A fully Immersive Escape Experience, with two adventures for you to pick from, Sherlock: The Official Live Game and The Mind of Moriarty, both take the universe of BBC’s Sherlock one step further, creating new mysteries to test your deductive skills, proving yourself to the Home’s brothers themselves.

And that’s not all! The Mind Palace offers also Immersive Experiences with the deadly Case of the Poisoned Chalice and the ever-refined, Sherlock’s Afternoon Tea and Mini Mystery


The Lost Estate are back with a new unforgettable immersive experience, treating revellers to a transformational night of five-star dining, craft cocktails and world-class live performances.

The Great Murder Mystery is a gripping retelling of Sherlock Holmes’ darkest case: The Hound of the Baskervilles. This thrillingly decadent experience offers guests a taste of the Victorian high life, bringing together London’s top chefs, mixologists, actors and musicians for a one-of-a-kind experience brimming with fine dining and mesmerising storytelling. 


Phantom Peak is a unique immersive open-world adventure – a fully realised town inhabited by quirky characters and full to the brim with mysteries and stories to discover. Spend 4+ hours exploring the town, enjoying food and drink in our wild-west themed Thirsty Frontier Saloon, and interacting with immersive sets, technology, and live actors.

You’ll be guided through unique storylines in the form of trails – quests where you, a tourist, are tasked with helping townsfolk in exciting ways. 


A classic Immersive Experience, that I am sure you have all heard of, The War of the Worlds pulls you into Jeff Wayne’s classic book about an alien invasion of earth.

Using VR Technology to pull you into the midst of battle, TWOTW incorporates multi-sensory effects to make you believe you are in the centre of the action. With a total of 24 interactive scenes, you must see if you can survive the Martians. 


 Gingerline’s The Grand Expedition names itself “An incredible edible journey”.

In this Immersive dining experience you are whisked around the world in a hot air balloon, being blown around the globe by the Four Winds of the world – tasting delicacies as you go.

This experiences incorporates projections, aerialists, circus performance and dance, combined with a set design inspired by pop up books to draw audiences in to their universe.

Thus concludes your latest training session with The Network. I am sure you all feel like experts at spotting and identifying Immersive Experiences in and around London. 

But do not forget recruits, that Immersive Experiences are ever- developing and the only surefire way to master how to identify them, is to go undercover and attend them yourself!

Nevertheless, I hope this helps with that all-consuming question: What is an Immersive Experience? I expect to see you punctual for your next training session as a Recruit of The Network…

Until next time friends!