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The Perfect Valentines Gift for any Sherlock Fan

Hi all, Stamford here.

Looking for the perfect valentines gift for the Sherlock fan in your life? With a bit of assistance from the Consulting Detective himself, I’ve curated a gift guide tailored for the high-functioning sociopath in your life. Your love story is afoot, so ask them 221be-mine, find an adventure perfect for you both.


Do something a little different for this Valentines and take part in an immersive cocktail experience to die for…

Visit the secret speakeasy, The Mind Palace, home to The Case of the Poisoned Chalice. Are you both the perfect blend to defeat Moriarty’s right-hand man, to make the perfect cocktail? The perfect end to any date night.

Struggling to find the perfect gift? Sherlock Gift Cards can be used on any of the experiences and are valid for 1 year. Give the gift of Mystery this Valentines.

They also get delivered directly to your inbox, in case you’re on the lookout for a last-minute treat to go alongside your box of heart shaped chocolates.

Treat your partner in crime-solving to our brand new game, The Mind of Moriarty: Live Escape Experience.

It is up to you and your detective partner to enter into the diabolical mind of Moriarty and take him down one last time, and show your partner why they are so lucky to have you!

The thrill of The Official Live Game escape room checks all the boxes for your ‘sole’ mate who want to step into the shoes of Sherlock Holmes.

Embark on an incredible adventure together as you make your way through sets inspired by the BBC hit. Test your relationship by cracking puzzles and clues against the clock.

Spend it with the person whose just your cup of tea with Sherlock’s Afternoon Tea and Mini Mystery. Test your deduction skills with a unique case, and munch through some romantic delights, don’t leaf them alone this Valentines.

If that isn’t brew-tiful enough, celebrate your love with Sherlock’s Boozy Afternoon Tea 

I hope you have found  the perfect gift to show how much you love the consulting detectives in your lives. 

That’s all from me, Stamford, eye will see you again soon.