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Step Into The Mind of Moriarty

Good day – Stamford the Optician here in a state of emergency.  

Agents, I ‘m afraid we have some troubling news and there is no easy way to say it.  

Moriarty is back.  

He has discovered our covert British Intelligence agency and is now threatening to sabotage The Network.  

Agents, I must ask you to once more embark on a mission like no other. You will delve into the twisted genius of this madman to destroy the digital nodes and AI that put The Network and your fellow agents at risk. I am asking you to enter The Mind of Moriarty.  

In this 100-minute mission, you will be thrown into a multi-sensory adventure using virtual reality and digital media. Do not be distracted by the theatrical sets, and make sure you focus on the mission at hand – digging into Moriarty’s memories and solving perilous puzzles, cracking clues and uncovering the mysteries that lie deep in his subconscious.  

More information on the mission will be available soon.  

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