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Find Us at Doyle's Opticians

If you’ve managed to find this webpage, you must have clearance to know about The Network, the branch of British Intelligence. Our headquarters are based in the unsuspecting West 12 Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush, London. 

When you receive comms from Mycroft Holmes telling you that you are overdue an eye test, you must locate Doyle’s Opticians.

At Doyle’s we’ll train you to see and observe better. Unlike other optometrists, we don’t sell glasses or provide contact lens consultations, so bring your own viewing aids if required.

Of course, the public are unaware of The Network headquarters, hidden behind the façade of Doyle’s Opticians. To keep up appearances, upon arrival, speak into the intercom and tell them you are here for a routine eye test. 

If you are struggling to find headquarters, look out for the posters displayed in the store front. These advertise various things that have absolutely, positively nothing whatsoever to do with The Network. These posters will include advertisements for:

Sherlock: The Official Live Game 

Sherlock’s Afternoon Tea 

The Case of the Poisoned Chalice: Cocktail Experience 

The Mind Palace 


If you arrive and are still struggling to locate headquarters, give our dispatch team a call: 020 8130 0021

Or use the map below to help you find your way.