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One Last Case

We're impressed, recruit.

Well, well. Even Sherlock would be impressed by your progress. Possibly.

We have one last test for you. A Network Agent must have their wits about them, even after a couple of cocktails…


Analyse this ransom note and police report to crack the three-digit code to move on.

Cocktails At Home: Ransom Letter

Your Resources: 



Need some help?

Take a look at the hints below – remember to start with Inspector Level if you want a challenge, and only look at Constable Level if you’re prepared for Sherlock’s disdain.

Hint 1 – Inspector Level
Hint 2 – Sergeant Level
 Hint 3 – Constable Level

Cracked the code?

Paste the website address below into the address bar and add the code at the end after the /:


If you’re really stuck, you can click the button below for the answer. This should only be used as your last resort.