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Sherlock Immersive Experiences in London

Fun Things To Do in London

The Best Escape Rooms in London

From the Writers of BBC’s Sherlock

Enter the world of Sherlock, with escape rooms from the makers of the hit BBC show. These unique adventures combine immersive experiences, with Sherlock Holmes escape rooms, and a fully themed secret Sherlock speakeasy, The Mind Palace.

The Story – Sherlock: The Official Live Game:

Headed up by Mycroft Holmes, The Network is a covert branch of British Intelligence, on the hunt for new recruits. To test whether you have what it takes to join the ranks as an Agent, you’ll need to complete a routine training mission at headquarters. But not all is as it seems… 

It’s now time for you to play the detective with your team, as you travel through iconic sets from the show, working together to solve puzzles and crack clues. You’ll be helped along your journey with original content from the cast of the show featuring, Benedict CumberbatchAndrew ScottMartin FreemanMark Gatiss, and more. 

Have you got what it takes to be a part of The Network?

With so much at stake, what are you waiting for? The Game Is Now… 


Our London escape rooms are a great place to practice your communication and listening skills.Communication is Key

Our escape rooms in London are a great place to practice your communication and listening skills. Make sure to give everyone on the team a chance to voice their ideas, as the silliest suggestions can often lead to the correct solution!

figure out what the objective of the London escape room is

Identify Key Objectives

When you first enter the room, search for any places where you may need to input something. For example, any keypads, padlocks, keyholes, etc. will require a code or a key to solve. You can use this to figure out what the objective of the escape room is and figure out whether you need to be searching for a combination or a hidden key.

Take in every detail, and look around the London escape room for answers to solve puzzlesThink Inside the Box

You see but do you observe? Take in every detail, and look around the London escape room for answers to solve puzzles and clues. The answers you need will be in the room around you. Pay attention to things like dates, maps, and posters on the walls.

paying attention to the case at hand will help you focus on your approach to the London escape roomListen Carefully

While the immersive part of the experience is very exciting, make sure you’re paying attention to the case at hand. This will help you focus on your approach to the escape room as you’ll have an idea of what the ultimate end goal is.

The more eyes and ears around the London escape room means you're bound to see and hear more!Find Strength in Numbers

The more eyes and ears around the escape rooms in London means you’re bound to see and hear more! Inviting friends to help you on this mission makes all the difference. Especially if you find yourself in a situation where you require more than 2 pairs of hands…

Be Thorough in Your Approach to solving the London escape room.Be Thorough in Your Approach

It’s easy to miss certain clues, simply because you’re not checking an object properly. Make sure you’re checking the inside and outside of the clue before disregarding it as irrelevant. If your eyesight is a little fuzzy, make sure you bring your glasses with you so you’re able to decipher any fine print in the escape room.

Hundreds of 5-Star Reviews
"Would Highly Recommend"

"We loved it. Went as a family of 6, ages ranging from 62 to 14 and everyone had a great time. Would highly recommend."

– Sandra Hansen, Google Reviews

"BEST ESCAPE ROOM! Fantastically immersive experience from the very beginning, with the wonderful staff staying in character throughout - we really felt like we’d entered the world of Sherlock - highly recommended!"

– Neil Watson, Google Reviews
"Really Enjoyable"

Really enjoyable escape room that was extremely challenging right from the get go. We did it as a family with kids ranging from teens to an 8 year old who all contributed .

– Kashif Husain., Google Reviews
"Great Experience on Our Honeymoon!"

This was such a cool experience! The ambiance and staff were wonderful, and it felt like a legit Sherlock mystery! My wife and I would 100% do it again!

– Justin P, TripAdvisor Reviews
"Absolutely wonderful"

A must visit for Sherlock fans and escape room fanatics alike. The staff were incredibly friendly and the escape room itself was the best I've ever been too !

– Climber., TripAdvisor Reviews
"Had the best experience here!"

The theme is absolutely on point to the show and fully immersive from the get go!! The rooms are challenging enough even if you haven't seen it you can still gave fun solving the clues with gentle hints when you get stuck, which we definitely needed haha. The bar after was gorgeous and the team all so lovely, would recommend to any and all looking for a fun day out

– Billie-Rose Hamilton., Google Reviews
"Must do experience, great fun!"

This is a must do experience. We have now completed the original room, and the mind of moriarty. The experience from start to finish was really good. Staff are brilliant and in character the whole time. The escape rooms are really good fun, and really well thought out. Thoroughly enjoyed and great value for money. We also did the Case of the poisoned chalice experience in the mind palace, this was also good fun and very tasty cocktails.

– Kimberle., TripAdvisor Reviews

More than Escape Rooms...

The Best Immersive Experiences in London

Step into the world of Sherlock with immersive sets and environments inspired by the hit BBC show. Work together as a team to solve intricate mysteries and challenging puzzles before time runs out. Each immersive experience is designed to transport you directly into Sherlock’s London, where every detail contributes to the adventure.

Sherlock: The Official Live Game

Led by Mycroft Holmes, The Network is a covert branch of British Intelligence seeking new recruits. To join, you’ll need to complete a training mission that quickly turns into a thrilling mystery.

Work with your team to navigate through iconic sets from the show, solving puzzles and cracking clues with guidance from original cast members including Benedict Cumberbatch, Andrew Scott, Martin Freeman, and Mark Gatiss. This immersive experience in London is meticulously crafted to immerse you in Sherlock’s world, making you feel like a true detective.

Can you prove your skills and solve the case before time runs out?

This is your chance to step into the shoes of the great detective and experience a Sherlock adventure like never before.

The Mind Of Moriarty

After completing a mission for The Network, you might think your adventure is over. But the world’s most devious criminal, Moriarty, has one final trick. 

Enter the twisted mind of Moriarty in this immersive experience that takes you through his memories of classic moments from the show. Solve a series of perilous puzzles, each more challenging than the last. Original content from the cast, including Benedict Cumberbatch and Andrew Scott, provides crucial hints to guide you. This innovative mix of digital media and immersive storytelling brings the most memorable Sherlock scenes to life, in a way you’ve never experienced before.

This immersive experience will test your wits and transport you deep into the heart of Sherlock’s most cunning adversary. Navigate through Moriarty’s twisted world, decipher his cryptic clues, and escape before time runs out. 

The Mind Palace

An immersive Sherlock-themed speakeasy bar, that transports you back to the Victorian era with its floral wallpaper, olive green bar stools, and period-style details. Mementos and artifacts from Sherlock’s cases add to the immersive experience.

Here, you can relax and enjoy themed drinks without the pressure of solving puzzles, or indulge in a variety of immersive experiences.

The Case of the Poisoned Chalice
Solve four cases to find the ingredients and craft the perfect cocktail.

Sherlock’s Afternoon Tea & Mini Mystery
Enjoy savoury treats and sweet delights while solving a mini-mystery.   

    Mini Games
Engage in themed activities within the bar, such as the Logic Test and Prison Escape Simulator.

Top Rated Things To Do In London

Located in the heart of West London, Sherlock: The Official Live Game is a cinematic adventure that combines the unique world of Sherlock with the very best escape rooms in London.

Explore some of Sherlock’s most iconic sets as you solve puzzles with help from original cast members, including Oscar Nominated Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, in brand-new, specially recorded footage.

Suitable for all detectives aged 10 and over. Children 7+ can be admitted at parents/guardian discretion but please see FAQS for further details. Book now for teams of 2 or more players or email for bespoke packages for teams of 18+.

Finish Your Visit In The Mind Palace

Join us in The Mind Palace – our speakeasy cocktail bar – for a Sherlock-inspired drink or to play our cocktail experience (view menu).

Our immersive themed bar contains mementoes and artefacts from the Sherlock case-files, making it a thrilling discovery for those looking for a break from the ordinary.




As Seen In


 Find The Network headquarters, hidden in plain sight, and disguised as Doyle’s Opticians.

Ground Floor, West 12 Shopping Centre in Shepherds Bush, West London, W12 8PP

Any problems finding us on the day, please call +44 (0) 20 8130 0021 for assistance.


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