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There's something brewing at Sherlock...

Hello once again,

I am back recruits because something new has arrived here at Sherlock, and we need your help to solve it. 

The Stamfords over in our Speakeasy bar, The Mind Palace have concocted a brand new test, for you to demonstrate your skills of deduction and prove your worth within The Network.

Are you ready to put your tastes to the test and face our newest conundrum:

The Mystery Cocktail



In this newest mystery, you will need to use your skills to identify what ingredients make up this strange, new drink that one of the Stamfords has created.

The rules are simple! 

-Approach a Stamford and inform them you wish to take on the Mystery Cocktail.

-Once you have the cocktail, it is your job to correctly identify the 5 flavours in the drink, writing these down on the guess sheets provided.

-When you’re ready, hand in your guess sheet to a Stamford and find out how many you guessed correct!

If you succeed in guessing all five flavours correctly, your drink will be free, you will earn a place on Sherlock’s Hall of Fame, AND you will get to name the drink which will then be added to our menu. To top it all of you will earn a shoutout on our socials, and general notoriety amongst Stamfords.

If you fail to guess all the flavours, the cocktail is £15.

If no recruits successfully guess all five flavours within 2 months of the Cocktail’s creation, the recruit with the closest correct guesses will be crowned victorious.