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The Official Outdoor Game

Quick Details

Price per person
Family of 4 2 Adults (18+) & 2 Children
Family of 5 2 Adults (18+) & 3 Children
£45 £35
Family of 6 2 Adults (18+) & 4 Children
£55 £35

Sherlock needs your help! Take on a mission across your nearest participating town or city as you uncover a series of clues that need to be cracked in this original Sherlock-inspired outdoor detective challenge. Gather together your most esteemed group of intrepid friends to find key evidence and solve the mystery in this self-hosted game.

You’ll be digitally assisted along your journey with animated videos, voicemail and text messaging from the cast of the hit BBC TV show.

Do you have what it takes to step into the shoes of the great detective?

What’s included:
Includes a pre-recorded video briefing and a debrief scorecard email after the event.

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below. Not what you’re looking for? Email [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help!